How to use "AppLocale".

This site will explain how to use "AppLocale" software from Microsoft.

(1) What does "AppLocale" software do?

    I have Windows XP English version (USA). I am Japanese. I use both English and Japanese software. I can set "Language for non-Unicode programs" option to Japanese. But when I did that, my English business software became so slow. I use this business software every day. I had no choice but set "Language..." option to English. Then again, I can't use Japanese software.

I can't read Japanese here. All I can see is "?????".

Changing "Language..." option back and forth is not practical.

What can I do? Any solution?         Try "AppLocale"


(2) Install "AppLocale".

Go to Microsoft web site and download it and install it.


(3) How to use "AppLocate"

Once you install "AppLocale" software, all you have to do is run it and create shortcut for your language software.

Click on Next>

Locate your software. Use Browse button and find  software. Then Next>

Select your language. In this case, I selected Japanese. Next>

Make sure you create shortcut.  Then click "Finish".

Now you will see newly created shortcut at Start Menu where "Microsoft AppLocale" menu locates.


Now you have it!!!

Now, I can successfully run Japanese software without changing "Language for non-Unicode programs" option.

Microsoft states that this is temporary solutions. But it will works. Try!

Written by Masaki Kuraoka , April 2005.